What students say about the SAKAMOTO MATH METHOD?

"Mother Goose is one of my favorite schools.  I first enrolled in Sakamoto when I was 6 years old.  I want to go to Sakamoto because it is very good at Math.  I really like Sakamoto because we learn many things.  So I always go to Sakamoto class every week and I'm very excited to compete for the Malaysian competition."- Gian Aaronn Chan, Gr. 4 Jubilee Christian Academy

"I like Sakamoto because I can get better in math and I can be better than my classmates."
       Benjamin Siy, Gr 6 Grace Christian College

"I like Sakamoto because I like math, and because math becomes easy."
       Engelberg See, Gr 3 Jubilee Christian Academy

"I feel great to study Sakamoto because I'm studying one of my favorite subjects, Math!"
       Kyle Go, Gr 3 Xavier School

"Sakamoto is good for the kids because it can help your kids answer their test, quiz, or exam in Math quickly."
       Cassidy Joy Chan, Gr. 2 - Jubilee Christian Academy
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